Best Wedding Videographer 2020: 5th place at Weva ItAward

best wedding videographer Francesco Morelli

I’ve always liked taking on challenges. Although this contest was not the first, it certainly was one of the most important I participated in. Today I want to tell you about the Weva ItAward 2020, it is one of those competitions among great professionals where even just entering in the ranking fills you with pride. Getting the fifth place as Italy’s Best Wedding Videographer in the category “young professional” really satisfied me.

This is my first official recognition in this prestigious competition. Weva is the best community of wedding videographers in the world, where every year filmmakers compete with each other to show their creativity, their ability to tell stories through a video camera and experiment with new shooting technologies.

best wedding videographer italy 2020


A competition made of technique and creativity where you can always question and improve your talent. I am very proud of the work that has been done and this achievement leads me to continue on the path that I chose so many years ago.

Ever since I was a boy travelling around the world, I have always been attracted to watching what surrounded me through a camera. I discovered new worlds, hidden corners to the human eye and suggestive perspectives. It was from that moment that I decided not to stop and to deepen the art of videography and everything related to the world of visual communication. I immediately understood that it would be my job. I love being a wedding filmmaker and in every movie I always try to put a piece of my soul.

This is my characteristic trait. I always look for ways that allow me to be at the same time a spectator and narrator of what is happening. I don’t like to create fiction and to force behaviours, I prefer to be inspired by reality. I let emotions, looks, laughter, happiness flow free without constraint. Even though my style is spontaneous, I am very attentive to small details that often make the difference.

I entered the competition with the movie Unforgettable – Eternal Moment. It’s all about the authenticity and naturalness of these two very simple folks and the beauty of every single gesture. A hand that caresses the face, a hug, a kiss with the sky at sunset. The essence of small things. Each couple has their own personal history and the load of emerging emotions in all its strength on the most beautiful day. There are endless stories, unbreakable bonds and unique sensations.

Thanks to the jury of Weva Itaward 2020 that awarded me as the 5th best wedding videographer in Italy.


Here is the movie:


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