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You are about to experience an extraordinary journey, an adventure that will begin with a yes and take you into a world of love, unexplored lands and endless joy. You are about to write a story that you will be able to relive whenever you want, that you will be happy to relive forever.

We are ready to tell it with a sober and discreet approach. Like good silent reporters, without posed shots, without standard or predefined scenes. We don’t have pre-written scripts: for us, each event has a unique personality and is always different from all the others.

Each film is the synthesis of a choice, a detail, a music that is yours alone.

We get excited every day as if it were the first.

We are ready to make your splendid wedding film.

Francesco Morelli

Founder of Francesco Morelli Films, he is a passionate videographer with years of experience in producing creative and engaging videos. With a strong personal touch, his brand is recognizable for its pursuit of pure reportage. He loves filming spontaneity and capturing emotion to create impactful videos that tell stories that hit the mark.

His dedication to quality and visual storytelling has made his work a reference point for clients seeking excellence and originality. Living for this work and to satisfy more clients with excellent quality, he founded Francesco Morelli Films, an agency created to manage the growing demand for weddings and other productions. With a keen eye for detail and a strong connection with his clients, Francesco turns every event into an indelible memory.

Francesco Di Placido

Francesco Di Placido is a talented videographer who joins the team at Francesco Morelli Films, bringing a fresh and creative perspective. Graduated in Design in London, he has had many experiences filming international weddings around the world. His passion for languages has led him to master four of them, while his empathetic nature and out-of-the-box approach allow him to connect with clients and understand their needs.

His experience in exploring new visual techniques and producing dynamic and engaging productions adds an innovative touch to the team’s offering. Francesco excels in capturing authentic moments with a unique sensitivity, helping clients tell their stories with memorable visual impact. His dedication to perfecting his skills makes him a valuable member of the team.

With his experience in documenting weddings worldwide, he leads the production of visual content for a global audience. He coordinates projects that embrace different cultures and styles, ensuring visual narratives that resonate with international clients. His expertise and cultural sensitivity ensure that every production is accurate, authentic, and aligned with the expectations of a wide variety of clients.

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  • Commercial
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“Thanks to his strong personality, his creativity and sceneries, Francesco Morelli is considered one of the best producers in Molise of Wedding Films and commercials for companies.”


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