Getting Married in Italy in 2021: Restart Guidelines

matrimonio in italia 2021

The wedding industry is finally restarting after one year, with well defined  rules and health protocols. The wedding season opens officially “Getting Married in Italy” on the 15th  of June 2021.  For a whole year us wedding videographers renounced to do what we like the most: to tell love stories around the most beautiful and exclusive locations of the peninsula.

I am very happy to be able to live unique emotions again, to smile and toast together. I can’t wait to live freely again.

In less than one month we will restart and it will be a big national celebration. A special wish to all the future wedding couples.

sposarsi in Italia regole 2021

What will be the rules and the health protocols to be respected for the anti-contagion legislation from Covid19?

Wedding Rules in Italy 2021

Green Pass for couples and guests

The first item is the Green Pass: all participants must be provided with the green health certificate attesting the vaccination (full cycle of two doses), the negative result of a swab carried out within 48 hours prior to the event or alternatively the recovery from Covid19 infection.

Reorganization of the spaces for wedding celebrations

To avoid gatherings, reception rooms will have to adapt the interior and exterior spaces to maintain the distance between the guests. The tables should be arranged in such a way as to ensure at least 2 meters distance, with an exception for those people living together.

Where possible, it is preferable to make use of outdoor spaces with greater distances.

matrimonio in Italia regole all'aperto 2021

Mandatory masks for wedding ceremonies.

All guests should always use the mask indoors when they are not seated at the table and outdoors in cases where you can not maintain the distance of one meter.

Buffet served at the table by the staff

It is forbidden for guests to approach the buffet to avoid contamination through food handling. It will be the task of the room staff, equipped with personal protection devices, to serve the dishes. In the case of a single-course buffet, guests can go to the buffet and take their course.

Musical performances distanced from the public.

As far as live music is concerned, the bands must be at a distance of at least 3 meters from the audience where there may be a lack of a plexiglass anti droplets barrier.

Dancing is allowed only outdoors for weddings in Italy.

Dances are allowed only in outdoor environments that are equipped with a large area of at least 1.2 m/q per person, and 2m/q per person indoor.


















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