Marketing Vídeo for Business: Gea “The Green Way”

video marketing gea milano duomo

Milan, off. Empty, anonymous, without a face. In all these years I have never seen the city of Madonnina moving so slowly. I felt like I was thrown into a parallel universe. I was there a few weeks ago to shoot a marketing video for a company called Gea Srl.

Used to my Molise slow version, I forgot to be in the heart of the Italian productive triangle.

video marketing gea milano

In the video commercial we created and realized, I tell this story of authentic success of Made in Italy in the world.

A corporate video that starts from Settimo Milanese, headquarter of the company, and tells image after image, word after word, clip after clip the whole universe that revolves around this great Italian entrepreneurial reality.

The soundtrack is fast paced, it accompanies the viewer in an emotional journey illustrated in detail by the words of the professionals who work there.

Gea is a production company founded in the 80s as a small company providing services for the disinfestation of agro-food companies. Nature has always been at the center of its mission.

In this video we wanted to underline the role of the R&D team, a team of efficient and qualified professionals who collaborate with the best Italian universities (especially with Foggia and Palermo).

Here knowledge is a productive fertilizer that always generates new high quality products recognized and appreciated throughout Europe.

I hope to return very soon to Milan, with the hope that this health emergency ends soon, to be able to tell other important stories of our best entrepreneurs. Without skimping distances and handshakes.

Good luck to them. Good luck to us!

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