Pre Wedding video in Molise: what it is and why to choose it

prematrimoniale video

The pre wedding video is an all-American idea that in a short time spread all over the world, also conquering Italy, especially the southern regions where the tradition of marriage has always been a very important event.

The idea of ​​a pre-wedding video allows the couple to keep an extra memory of the wedding.  It offers the couple the opportunity to tell the story of their love from their point of view and with their “baggage” of emotions.

There are many storytelling ideas for a wedding video.  Here you need all the skill and creativity of the wedding videographer.

It is her job to find the most suitable format and the right storytelling to tell the couple’s story.

The cut to give to this video can be very romantic with a series of photos in sequence of the couple that scroll on the screen accompanied by a sweet melody.

Or you can create an ironic and funny double interview of the future spouses who each tell from their point of view the day they met for the first time, the moment of the first kiss and many other episodes of life together.

Other couples (let’s say the more “extroverted” ones) engage in real cinematic real fiction becoming the protagonists of a kind of soap opera about their love story for a special wedding movie.

Why choose a pre wedding video?

One of the most banal things, but no less important, is getting familiar with the camera and the videographer for wedding in order to arrive at the big day ready without being assailed by the anxiety of the camera pointed at you.

Surely it will also be useful for the wedding videographer to get to know the couple better, to understand their behaviors and their reactions and therefore be more prepared to carry out his job as a wedding videographer.

 How to use a premarital video

There are several methods of using a premarital video.  Some couples prefer to show it to guests before the wedding cake is cut to share with their friends and relatives the best moments of their love story that led them to get married.

Overseas they use the pre-wedding video as an original and creative wedding invitation to be sent via email or chat to friends and relatives.  The Americans call it “Save the date”.  I must say that this custom has not yet taken hold here but never say never …

Scenography and methods of shooting a pre-wedding video

For this type of video, there is no model to follow.  Ample space for the creative freedom of the wedding filmmaker and the taste and style of the future spouses.

The best sets are the locations of the first meeting, of the first kiss made with sequence shots and close-ups in slow motion to emphasize the moment.

If you choose a fun pre-wedding video model with an ironic and “light-hearted” cut like the double interview, you can choose more normal and everyday locations such as the hairdresser for the future bride and the soccer match with friends for the future groom .

An engaging and certainly cheerful element could be some anecdote told by best friends.  A funny or amusing experience that revisited over the years will surely make everyone smile.

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