Wedding Film: Love in the Castle

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There are unique, almost magical stories about people who are simple but at the same time special and who have the ability to make us dream. For this Valentine’s Day I decided to make you relive the great dream of love of Michele and Antonella and their wedding film: Love in the Castle.

Telling stories is part of my job as a wedding videographer. Over the years I met many couples, all different from each other, some of which got me emotional.

Michele e Antonella’s wedding film at the Castle is one of those intense wedding videos that are worth remembering.

This young couple, so romantic and full of dreams, really impressed me for its authenticity.

I still remember as it was yesterday, the first day I met them for their wedding party. For a day, for their day, they simply wanted to dream. Be protagonists of a beautiful love story, as in a fairy tale.

Wedding Movie at Castello dell’Ettore

It was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the summer season. The Apennines of Campania dominated the blue sky; the green countryside of the ancient village of Apice shone reflected in the lens of the camera. There on top of a hill stood a majestic castle.


Dating back to the Norman period, the building is surrounded by powerful walls. The watchtowers were originally four. Nowadays only two are left from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the province of Benevento.

Castello dell’ Ettore is lapped by three streams and stands on a hill where two thousand years ago the Romans built a bridge to connect the territory of Campania with Puglia along the Via Appia.

Wedding Film in a Castle

In a unique setting, out of time, suspended between dream and reality Michele and Antonella were living their fairy tale.

The courtyard of the Castle was the perfect setting for the romantic and magical style of this wedding day. And all the details were in place at the right time to give life to a memorable wedding movie.

The floral creations with soft and warm tones were real works of art, the torches and scented candles brought back the hands of time.

The magic ingredient that made it all truly unique and special were the two young lovers. The simplicity of their gestures, their emotions, their intense, passionate looks. Everything was so deeply romantic.

A beautiful couple hopelessly in love.

film matrimonio amore e magia nel castello

The scenery lit up at night. As in every fairy tale, in addition to princesses and knights at some point in history, fairies also appear.

White, sinuous, with light movements and completely intertwined by a cascade of small lights along the drapes of their dress accompanied the romantic dance of the couple.

Enjoy the trailer of this wedding movie:



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