Wedding Film Soundtrack: how to choose it

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In a wedding film soundtrack is a very important, together with editing, special effects and color correction. Music is a key part of the postproduction. Most important is the choice of the perfect soundtrack. The sound has to match with the love story.

Music evokes even stronger emotions than images. It has the power to recall memories, feelings that penetrate the soul of those who watch a wedding video.

Choosing the right track, though, is one of the hardest steps. Finding the perfect soundtrack requires study, inspiration, experimentation and instinct.

I don’t want to hide that I often spent days trying out and finding the suitable audio clips for the shooting on the screen. Many times I had to intervene on already mounted scenes to allow music and images to integrate perfectly and be common parts of the same storytelling.

Music speaks and goes straight to the heart. It wraps you and slowly unravels its story.

Songs: what to choose in a wedding film Soundtrack?

Every wedding movie is unique. The music has to talk about the couple, their story, the emotions they are experiencing.

There’s no music that’s good for everyone. That’s why we always try to know in depth the couple: their story, their passions, their style. Our story is based on all this and only this way we can choose what and how to tell it.

I’ll tell you right now: everything that is music is my kind. I have no favorite genres, I like to vary depending on the context, the location, the protagonists, their voice, the voices of the guests. This is a detail to which I pay close attention in the editing of the film. Words become an integral part of the soundtrack and they enhance its evocative power.

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