Wedding Film: the art of narrating a wedding

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Let’s make one thing clear right away: the wedding film is the story of the wedding day.  And as such it has an obligation: it must excite.  Sensations, smiles, hugs and words are told clip after clip in a climax of emotions.

Today we can no longer speak of wedding videos, but more of a real short film, made through a storytelling made up of creativity, filming and editing.

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But what is storytelling ?!  Storytelling is a story, the common thread, the narrative idea of ​​a wedding film.  Today, every videographer for wedding must know that it is not enough to be a videographer for wedding;  you have to take a step forward, put yourself in the shoes of a real director.  I’ll explain why.

Especially in the editing phase, you cannot improvise.  For a wedding film to be a job and emotions it is necessary to have clear ideas.  Even before cutting and assembling it is necessary to look at the whole shot and establish a result you want to achieve, the style to use, the cut to give.

In fact, it would be a good idea to imagine a result much earlier, already during the shoot.  Close-ups, sequence shots, panoramic views of the location and all the other techniques help to characterize what the film will already be and facilitate the videographer in the editing and post-production phase.

It is clear that the style on which the work must be based cannot be separated from knowing the two protagonists well.  It is very important for the wedding videographer to establish a relationship of complicity and empathy with the spouses to be in line with their desires, their passions and their style.  This will serve to create a unique, exclusive and – above all – personalized wedding video.

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This is the magical ingredient capable of making the wedding film an original, exciting and author’s work.

All this will be worth little without the last, most important step.  The choice of music.

Personally I think it is the most important part.  Music has the power to make exciting a work that perhaps has defects in the technique;  just as it can make work performed with perfect technique unexciting – if wrong.

This is why it is a choice that must be made with great care, patience and precision.  It is essential to understand what story you want to tell.  Each style has its own music, has its own sounds.  Only the story that offers the right inspiration.

After all, even the war will one day bow to the sound of a guitar.  And if Jim Morrison said so, it can only be so.


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