Wedding Inspiration in Molise: dreaming the wedding

wedding dream

Everything was born as simple elopement in the mountains on the snow. A wedding far from everyone, far from anxieties and daily fears, completely immersed in the silence of  nature. An intimate trip, dreamlike, which gave birth to an emotional wedding inspiration in Molise.

A romantic and passionate weekend.  A high altitude love among Molise’s Apennines. A tender walk hand in hand on the snow, hugs, smiles, looks and lovely kisses.

In each sequence of this teaser we wanted to let you live the same emotions of these two young lovers. Make you breathe the same magic, the same intensity. I love being a wedding videographer when it allows me to turn pieces of life timeless and unforgettable.

It is all so surreal and evocative that it is almost possible to touch their intimacy, as the sun goes down while the darkness slowly envelops the sky and takes shape. Skin on the skin, lips wrapped in a tender kiss, the wood of the fireplace burning and making their love even warmer. The color correction and the color grading paint with natural light the outline of their bodies taken by passion.

Talking, messing up with destiny, living, loving, dreaming. Close your eyes for a single moment and travel with the imagination. Listen to your heart and what it wants to whisper. Enter into another dimension, between dream and reality where time no longer exists. Where the world stops almost completely. Where there is only room for love, beauty and freedom.

We can dream! We need to dream! Especially now.

wedding inspiration in Molise


This video inspiration for wedding exalts nature, beauty, silence, freedom, love. It is a hymn to life. A personal contribution of mine to give courage, to continue to live, to continue to dream, to continue to be happy despite everything that is happening this year.

Here is the teaser video of this Italian wedding Inspiration in Molise. Dreaming the wedding, enjoy!

Floreal designer La Fioriera di Campobasso

Photo by Andrea Madeo



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