Wedding Video: 5 different types of wedding films

A wedding video is certainly one of the most important things for a wedding to remember.  The smiles, the looks of the most intense and exciting moments, the hugs together with friends and relatives, the moments of happiness are kept forever.  The wedding video cannot be a flop.  All of us wedding videographers know this: we are not allowed to make mistakes.

It is not easy, but you have to be ready to choose the best wedding videographer possible, to avoid disappointment or unprofessional work.

Wedding videos are of different types and can have different styles depending on what the couple wants.

I want to review 5 styles of wedding films that encompass a bit of everything that is the world of wedding film.

A little parenthesis is a must: up until the early 2000s, wedding videos were packed full of footage from relatives, friends, toasts without any narrative slant.  They were videos without a specific identity.  Little creativity and a certain boredom even in looking at them.

Let’s face it, the videomaker was simply a videographer.

Over the years, thanks to new shooting techniques, increasingly better equipment and easier-to-use editing software, videomakers completely change their predisposition and become real directors and photography experts.  So goodbye to the old long, boring and poorly structured “wedding films” replaced by real films of much shorter duration, more emotional and above all with more elaborate storytelling.


Traditional Wedding Video

Yes, there are still videographers who make the above “films”.  They are the diehards, proud representatives of the old school, obstinate in not wanting to keep up with the times.  And in the end, with affable and courteous ways of doing things, they also manage to sell well.

In this case the style is classic and fairly regular: we start from the bride’s house to resume the preparations, then the wedding ceremony, the shooting in scenic locations (sea, nature, art) and then, following a programmed timeline, we continue until the cake is cut.

The wedding videographer of this style mostly uses portable cameras and wide range microphones to capture ambient words and sounds.  Sometimes, in severe cases, spotlights to be placed.  No cinema effects, little use of drones and go pro.  Little elaborate work on the editing and editing phase.


wedding film tradizionale

Wedding Video Reportage

It is the natural evolution of the classic wedding video.  It is a sort of “documentary” of the wedding day.  There is no script, there are no scheduled shootings.  The room under the careful and meticulous direction of the videographer scrolls and captures all the moments of the wedding day.  It is all natural.  In this style of wedding video, ample space is given to the original audio, to the speech of the protagonists, to environmental noises.  Also in this case, the storytelling is quite regular and chronologically follows the development of the moments.


Modern wedding film

In the modern wedding film the videographer becomes a creative.  Technique is king: filming, photography, lighting and the choice of music become a common thread.  Every choice must perfectly match.  It is not just a matter of filming what happens during the day, but also the way it becomes important.  During editing, we try to give life to an emotional narrative made up of sequences, close-ups, color, sound.  Therefore, the narration of the moments as they follow each other fails.  And here, then, sudden breaks, flashbacks, digressions.  The film has a short duration: no more than twenty minutes.

The technical equipment that can be used is vast: lights, microphones, trolleys, drones, even steadycam in the most extreme cases.

Usually, before being delivered, the wedding film is preceded by a trailer of a few minutes.  Trailers are very nice to share on social pages or among your contacts via Whatsapp.

Wedding video Movie

In this case, the wedding video movie is a bit like the wedding film of the previous point, but has an extra peculiarity.  It is a trend that comes from overseas and includes a longer “plot”: storytelling tells the whole love story of a couple.  Just like in a highly romantic film, it retraces the first encounters, the symbolic places and tries to make the newlyweds relive those unique and indescribable emotions of their history.


It can certainly be a unique and complete memory to be able to relive your love story at any time from the first kiss to the wedding day.  The Hollywood gem are the credits just as if you were sitting at the cinema.  Also in Italy this trend was imported, with a slight variation;  here it is known as pre-wedding (and is often not included in the wedding film).


 Full movie wedding

This is the video shot tout court.  It rarely happens to be faced with this request.  But it exists.  There are married couples who ask the videographer all the footage without effects, cuts, montages and music.  Obviously, it is advisable to agree with the professional from the beginning also because the price is completely different from other types.

Good vision at all.

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