Wedding Video: Reportage style

video matrimoniale reportage

One of the most requested wedding video styles by couples in recent years, in addition to the wedding film is the reportage. What is a wedding reportage? What are its main features and why should a couple choose this style of wedding video?

The reportage is a wedding video that tells in a natural and spontaneous way the entire wedding day. This style, mainly used by photo reporters, was born on the basis of a journalistic report to document in real time an event.

The secret lies in capturing all the emotions, looks, moves and happiness of the most beautiful day.

All filmed live, without poses, without fiction. All true, authentic and spontaneous.video matrimoniale

Post-production editing plays a key role in the reportage wedding video. There are no special effects. The images of the topical moments flow and intertwine even without respecting a chronological linearity. The rhythm of the video is fluid and dynamic.

The scenes are accompanied and marked by one or more pieces of music, designed for each moment. Original audio – such as the exchange of the rings, the reading of promises, the speeches of the guests – become an integral part of the story and give liveliness and deeper emotion.

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