Winter Wedding: 4 locations to get married in Molise

winter wedding borgotufi

Surely this is not the best time to talk about ceremonies, parties and winter weddings.  We are about to experience a different Christmas, more intimate and simple than in recent years.  It will certainly be an opportunity to rediscover true values ​​and spend the holiday time with your loved ones.

I am a wedding videographer and I want to do with you, a wish for 2021. A wish to all of us, so that everything can return to normal.  A wish to all those couples of lovers who in 2020 should have married and have postponed their wedding.  We will be back together soon to celebrate in the best possible way with hugs, smiles, toasts and warm handshakes.

In this moment, however, now more than ever, I want to tell you about the beauty of a winter wedding and the evocative Christmas atmosphere that is created.  I want you to discover some of the most beautiful places in my region and some winter wedding locations where you can get married in Molise, fully experiencing the magic of Christmas.

I hope you can get some interesting ideas and ideas for your wedding Day 2021.

Wood, pine cones, berries, snow, warm and sparkling colors.  Molise at Christmas is transformed and changes scenery.  The magic of the snow, the lights, the heat.  Everything becomes fantastic.  Getting married at Christmas in Molise is really suggestive for romantic and dreamy couples.  Ideal for organizing country chic and green weddings even in the winter season.

 Here are 4 fairytale locations for a winter wedding between dream and reality.

 Borgotufi in Castel del Giudice

An ancient medieval village in the province of Isernia, immersed in a millenary history where time seems to have stopped.  Enveloped by the unspoiled nature of Upper Molise on the border with the Abruzzo National Park, this wedding location is magnificent for celebrating a winter wedding.

The Borgotufi structure is completely made of local ancient stone and stands in the heart of the Apennine mountains.  From its panoramic terraces during the day you can enjoy one of the most fascinating views of Molise.

A few steps from the medieval buildings there is also an ancient rural church immersed in the garden of fragrant apples where you can celebrate the religious rite.

The snowy village in the winter months turns into a Scandinavian village.  The Christmas lights are reflected on the pure white of the snow creating suggestive atmospheres.

The panoramic square at night lights up like a starry village among sparkling trees and silver decorations.

The scenography of the wedding banquet has an artistic touch.  Here the winter wedding decorations are sublime.  The white tables have decorative compositions of red apples, ancient gold candlesticks, pine cones, sticks, moss, acorns, berries, hawthorns and mistletoe.


Borgutufi is a unique location for weddings in Molise to celebrate original wedding days that are elegant, refined and to be remembered over time.


winter wedding borgotufi


Winter Wedding in La Piana dei Mulini

At the foot of the Campitello Matese mountain, crossed by the millennial river Biferno, is La Piana dei Mulini.

Along the ancient stream stands a historic mill that over the centuries echoes the flow of the river and the voice of men crossing the woods.  Stone after stone alongside rural sheep tracks where shepherds carried the flock in transhumance.

Surrounded only by the soothing sound of nature, this location is ideal for celebrating country chic weddings.

A temple of trees, flowers and fresh grass to frame the most important day.

In the winter, the snow on the trees and on the lawn transforms everything.  Magic happens.  The river of ice, the whitewashed mill blades, the decorative lights along the tree-lined avenue with lit torches to mark the boundaries.

The internal wooden structure with large fireplaces and white stone offer a romantic atmosphere to celebrate the wedding event with your guests.  An exceptional location for a wedding in Molise.


winter wedding la piana dei mulini

Villa Livia

Between the Majella and the sea, the luxury Villa Livia is hidden.  Suspended between sky and water in a dream setting.

The centuries-old olive trees and endless fields of sunflowers frame this elegant villa that knows how to give emotions for unique and unrepeatable days.

The large garden with swimming pool and exclusive views of the sea and the mountains are the peculiarities of this ideal wedding location for all seasons.

In winter, the atmosphere changes between plays of lights and decorations with a modern and sophisticated design.

Silver and blue, to recall the cold colors of the season, dominate the luxurious interior furnishings.  Along the corridors crystal vases delimit the path.  The ceiling of the internal rooms is in precious and warm wood.  The white tables are adorned with scarlet roses and emerald green ivy leaves.

The frescoed hall with precious glitter curtains and the pure silver cutlery set are the flagship for a luxury winter wedding.

The snow-covered outdoor garden reflects the glow of the tree lights.  The magic of winter finds its peak in this luxurious villa that is perfect at any time of the year as a wedding location in Molise

winter wedding villa livia

Winter Wedding in Le Cascate Molise

Oasis of nature and beauty.  The property is located between the natural waterfalls of Campo Sacco a few kilometers from Isernia.

The park of olive groves and palm trees hides the four waterfalls and the stream that flows through the woods.  A fairytale wedding location for a #totalwhite and green wedding.

The huge outdoor gazebo located in the park of Le Cascate Molise allows you to celebrate the wedding banquet outside while enjoying a panoramic view of the entire wooded area.

In winter, the scenography is enchanting.  Try to imagine just for a moment the water that flows from the stone rocks that freezes, creating a succession of crystal stalks from the Arctic scenery.

The ice falls can be admired from inside the gazebo where the wedding banquet offers refined and chic decorations with white tablecloths and glass jars with moss, foliage and red berries inside.  Antique metal candelabra decorate the center of the table with wooden twigs and pine cones glittered in white to recall the whiteness of the external snowy landscape.



winter wedding le cascate molise

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